Commitment to Success

Lotus International is a private corporation providing clients with full-service reliable contract manufacturing, assembly, testing, and warranty-services with reliable and proven results across pre-sales and post-sales solutions that include asset recovery, call center, returns processing, technology, logistics and fulfillment services. The leaders at Lotus are committed to serving the world’s most successful companies in manufacturing, consumer products, medical devices, electric vehicle and mobility solutions as well as high-tech emerging industries.

For nearly 30 years, we have partnered with manufacturers and retailers across the globe in optimizing manufacturing practices, product integration, testing and product related services providing an unparalleled level of dedication that deliver sustainable results for our clients.

Leadership Team

At Lotus, every person on our team is a leader – in the boardroom, on the manufacturing floor, and at all points in between. While we could include the individual accomplishments of our c-suite and others here, we prefer to focus on our collective efforts.

We’re centered on team accomplishments, positive contributions for clients like you, and leadership when no one is watching. These are some of the astute leaders at Lotus, and we look forward to partnering together.

Our Values

In order to consistently meet and exceed expectations, we foster a collaborative environment based on a strong set of corporate values.

The TRUE principles at Lotus International are: Teamwork, Respect, Urgency and Excellence

Teamwork makes Lotus effective and efficient, allowing us to consistently deliver on our promises. Respect guides the refined treatment of every customer, colleague, partner, and supplier. Urgency propels possibilities and is core to how we operate. Excellence is what we deliver, every day.

At Lotus, we are a true partner.

Implementing Continuous Improvements

With innovation embedded at every level, continuous improvement is key to our success. In fact, we ask each employee to bring fresh ideas, best practices, and added value to improve production efficiency for our customers. This innovative thinking sets our teams up for the highest levels of client, and job, satisfaction. And, while some companies use ‘continuous improvement as a buzzword, we have processes and training in place at Lotus International to ensure that it actually happens.

Social And Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is of the utmost important to Lotus International. We have extensive recycling initiatives in place, as well as energy consumption reduction programs, in order to reduce our overall carbon footprint. As part of our social and environmental responsibility commitment, we choose to work with those companies who share our core beliefs. Additionally, we are focused on employee safety, reducing environmental impact, and making a positive contribution to the community.

Lotus Certifications